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It is important to first understand that dog training requires the full commitment of the owner to educate themselves and to dedicate the time necessary to modify their own behaviour in order to address any problem behaviours in their dog. Our philosophy is not only to work with the dog but to educate and empower dog owners so they can be the best pet parents they can be!

As problem behaviors get out of hand and worsen with time, its easy for people to give up or rationalize away the causes of the problem. It is common, and all too human, to experience frustration, anger, and helplessness, feeling that training your dog has become a lost cause.

Before you put yourself and your dog through that, research and speak to a professional dog trainer who can help you re-gain a balanced and positive human-canine relationship with your best friend.

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*Distance charges may apply

*Prepaid passes expire after one (1) year


*GST & QST tax apply to all invoices

Package of 3 hours


Package of 5 hours


Follow-up/Refresher session


We currently serve the following neighbourhoods

Côte-Des-Neiges— Notre-Dame-De-Grâce, Hampstead, Montreal West, Westmount, Ville-Marie, St-Henri, Griffintown, Plateau, Little Italy, Outremont, Town of Mount Royal, Lachine, Lasalle, Ville Émard, Verdun, Rosemont, Hochelaga


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Non-Compliance / Lack of Attention

Obsessive Barking

Housebreaking / Potty Training



Separation Anxiety

Fear and Fear-based Issues

Property Destruction, Chewing & Digging

Obsessions & Compulsions

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C'est avec le cœur lourd que nous annonçons la fermeture définitive de DoggyDayNDG. Malheureusement, nous ne rouvrirons pas après la quarantaine le 11 janvier 2021.

L'année 2020 a été une année marquante ! Malheureusement, en raison de nombreux facteurs tels que la quarantaine, la baisse de clientèle, les restrictions et la fermeture de notre centre de Dorval, notre cher centre de NDG, comme beaucoup d'autres entreprises, n'a pu surmonter les difficultés qui se sont présentées. Nous savons que cette nouvelle sera un choc pour beaucoup d'entre vous, mais nous savons que nous avons lutté de toutes nos forces pour traverser la pandémie et nous en sortir de l'autre côté. Sachez que nous apprécions chacun d'entre vous et que vous resterez à jamais dans nos cœurs.

Si vous êtes intéressé par de l'entraînement, veuillez savoir que Chad Taylor continuera à travailler au sein de son incroyable entreprise, Positive Pooching. Vous pouvez le contacter à l'adresse suivante : www.positivepooching.com

Nous sommes très reconnaissants pour les six années que nous avons passées avec nos merveilleux clients.

Vous allez nous manquer terriblement,

  L'équipe DoggyDay


It is with a heavy heart that we announce the permanently closure of DoggyDay NDG. Unfortunately, we will not be reopening after the mandatory quarantine on January 11th 2021.

2020 has been quite a year! Unfortunately, due to many factors such as quarantine, reduced attendance, restrictions, and the closure of our Dorval centre, our beloved NDG centre, like many other businesses, could not surpass the difficulties that arose. We know this news will come as a shock to many of you, but know that we fought our hardest to carry on through the pandemic and make it out on the other side. Please know that we appreciate every single one of you and you will forever be in our hearts.

If you are interested in training, please note that Chad Taylor will continue working through his amazing company, Positive Pooching. You can reach him at www.positivepooching.com

We are so thankful for the 6 years we had with our wonderful customers. We will miss you terribly,

The DoggyDay Team