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to make life with their dogs happier and their lives easier.

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The 360° solution for your dog’s care and wellness in the Greater Montreal region. Established in April 2015, DoggyDay was designed to help dog owners take better care of their pet and to be happier with him.

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Tell us about your pet care needs.

Our team of pet-owning and pet-loving staff and trainers are here to treat your pets like family. Feel guilt free and confident while leaving your dog in our expert care.

A daycare and training program designed for puppies at the most important time in their development. It emphasizes training and socialization experiences to equip you and your puppy with all the knowledge needed to have a confident and polite dog you’ll be proud of.

Like a dog run- only safer and healthier. Our spacious, cage-free environment is perfect for providing dogs the physical & mental stimulation they need. Our dogs have free run of the entire facility and garden. They learn good manners, patience, and group tricks while spending time with their best buds.

Learn to speak dog! Our team of certified dog trainers will help you navigate the maze of information and offer you guidance through positive-reinforcement techniques. DoggyDay offers both private, in-home dog training and group classes.

DoggyDay offers a wide range of dog grooming services in a comfortable, cage-free setting. Our expert groomers strive to make your dogs grooming experience enjoyable and fun using positive dog training and canine psychology. We only use the highest quality tools and products to ensure the best results and care.

No cages, “Luxury suites”, or crowded and stressful dog kennels. Instead, leave them in the experienced and loving hands of one of our dog hosts who will take care of your canine companion in a private home for round the clock TLC.

Our daily walking program is designed to promote your dogs physical and mental health, increase socialization, and most importantly, get them tired. We specialize in both private and small group dog walks.

When you have to leave town, a professional cat sitter will take care of your pet while she stays comfortably and safely at home where she is most happy. The visit includes feeding, snuggles, play time and little box cleaning. Service also available for dogs.


100% Cage-Free: Our doggy day care is 100% cage-free. Dogs are free to have fun as they see fit, in a safe environment.

3 Dog Boarding Options: 100% cage-free, in one of our condo-suites, or at home.

5 Minutes From the Airport: Our Dorval centre is only 5 minutes away from the airport. Perfect to leave us your dog before catching your flight.

With Love: Our employees love to interact with your dog. They’ll know how to play with him and make him happy.

Flexible Arrival & Departure Times: We’re here to make your life easier, not harder. That’s why we adapt to your schedule.

A Safe Environment: Before we accept dogs to our cage-free day care, we evaluate their behavior as well as their capacity to socialize.

In Safe Hands: Not only are they passionate, our employees are also trained for your dog’s wellness and safety.

The Dogs’ Favourite Centre: Your dog will get excited every time he hears the word DoggyDay, he will try to pull you from your car to the centre’s entrance door!




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