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For your dog's vacation

Move – Socialize – Have Fun

4 dog boarding options to suit  your pups needs

Choose DoggyDay while you’re away, and have peace of mind knowing your dog will be well-cared for during their stay in our safe and secure environment.

    • In one of our specifically-designed suite
    • Flex option- Play all day and suite at night
    • 24/7 CAGE-FREE supervision (high seasons only)
    • In-home boarding


Get in touch with our team to determine which type of dog boarding is best for you.

→Rates are located at the bottom of the page

Bark n’ Fly

Dog boarding: a solution for everyone.


Individual suites with 24h monitoring. Our guests are kept safe and secure in our clean and comfy facility, with their own personal space to rest and relax before and after their customized daily activity schedule.  Mix and match with personalized playtime, mental stimulation, and outdoor time. 


Best of both worlds! Guests play all day with their friends in our open concept daycare environment and end each night in their individual suites.  After a fun-filled day, your pup will catch some much needed z’s in the comfort of their own room. 

*Daycare environments are not for every dog.  Each guest must pass a temperament assessment before being accepted into the daycare portion of their stay. This evaluation can be completed while your dog is boarding with DoggyDay.

Due to limited availability, flex boarding is an additional $10 during the following high seasons: 

March 2 – March 9 / April 10 – April 14 / May 15 – May 19 / July 17 – August 3 /  September 4- September 8 / October 9 – October 13 / December 21 – January 4


 At DoggyDay, dogs spend their days playing together, and their nights sleeping together! From 7am to 7pm, our guests are free to play in our large indoor park or catch some fresh air outside. After supper they settle in for a night of relaxation, television and community snoozing with the pack. 

*This environment is not for every dog.  Each guest must pass our assessment before being accepted.

This option is only available during the following high seasons: 

March 2 – March 9 / April 10 – April 14 / May 15 – May 19 / July 17 – August 3 /  September 4- September 8 / October 9 – October 13 / December 21 – January 4

In-home Private Care

For an even more customized vacation experience, leave your pup in the experienced and loving hands of one of our dog hosts who will take care of your precious furbaby in a private home for round the clock TLC. In-home boarding with DoggyDay means your dog will have free run of the boarder’s house, go for walks, cuddle and play with their human and pet hosts.

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Find the best option for your dog.

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Services & Fees

Services and Fees Condo-Suite Cage-Free Flex At Home – Private
Nightly * $50 $55 $65 $75
Package (20) $900 $985 $1100 N/A
Weekends – After Hours – Holiday Pickup/Drop Off ** $15 $15 $15 $20-$30
Extra Walk / Play Time (20 min) $10 $10 $10 N/A
Honest Kitchen Frozen Kong $2.50 $2.50 $2.50 N/A
Second Dog (Same Condo) 30% Off 15% Off 15% Off 30% Off
Medication $2-$10$ $2-$10 $2-$10 $2-$10
DoggyDay Taxi From Your Home $5 / KM $5 / KM $5 / KM $5 / KM
DoggyDay Taxi From Any DoggyDay*** $10 $10 $10 $5 / KM

Cancellation Policy


  • More than three (3) business days prior to service: Refund or credit (not applicable to deposits) + $50 cancellation fee
  • Less than three (3) business days prior to service: No refund or credit.
  • Early returns / changes after service has begun: No refund or credit

Check in & Check out

All our customers must book a check-in and check-out time for their dog(s). Appointments are made at 30-minute intervals.
If an emergency occurs and you miss your appointment, it will be postponed to the next available time slot. Additional fees may apply.

Monday to Friday
Check in is between 2pm-7pm // Check out is between 7am-11am.

*Early check-in, late check-out, statutory holidays, and weekends are billed additionally.

Appointments outside of regular administration hours must be respected. If you do not pick up or drop off within thirty (30) minutes of your appointment, we will board your dog for an extra night at your cost. The earliest check in is 6am // Latest check out is 9pm.

What to Bring

Since your pup is in an open environment with other guests, please ONLY bring their food, collar, harness (if applicable), and leash. DO NOT bring bowls, measuring cups, blankets, toys, etc.

***For the safety of all dogs in our care, please ensure that your pet is wearing a collar, chokers are not accepted in our facility.***

Please bring their food, collar, harness (if applicable), and leash. You may also bring their bed, blanket, toys, etc.

Although we provide clean beds and bowls, we encourage bringing your pet’s personal belongings (bedding, blankets, etc). However, DoggyDay will not replace and/or refund any damaged, soiled and/or lost items. We recommend marking/labeling your pet’s belongings.

GST & QST tax apply to all invoices.

** Peak season from December 20th to January 5th incur a $25 charge.

*** Shuttle runs from Monday to Friday, 10am to 2pm (subject to availability). Must be booked 48hrs in advanced, otherwise a $5/KM charge will be applied.

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