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Dog Training Classes and Private Consultations

We offer comprehensive dog training for all ages and stages of your dog’s life. Using a positive reinforcement approach, your trainer will work with you and your pup to reach the goals you set out to achieve. A phone consultation with one of our experienced trainers will help you choose the best option for you and your dog.

We offer pet parents a full range of pet care services to facilitate their daily lives. Learn more about all of our services.
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Which one is right for me?

Regardless of your level – puppy starter, obedience 1, 2, 3, or the masters program – group classes have a set curriculum. They are ideal for dog owners who are able to devote a serious amount of time to their canine companion’s social, physical and mental needs and for people who learn better in a structured and guided group setting.

Some behavioral issues such as unwanted guarding, excessive barking, toy or food possessiveness, severe separation anxiety, property destruction, or housebreaking problems can only be addressed in the environment they occur in.

In-home dog training consultations are geared towards behavior modification in a laser-focused and result driven approach because the owners and trainer can work with the behavioral problem as it occurs.

At DoggyDay, we offer 3 types of dog training:

Puppy Training

Obedience Training

Problem Solving

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