The Gift of a Balanced Dog

It is important to first understand that “dog training” requires the full commitment of the owner to educate themselves and to dedicate the time necessary to modify their own behavior in order to address any problem behaviors in their dog. Our philosophy is not only to work with the dog but to educate and empower dog owners so they can be the best pet parents they can be!

As problem behaviors get out of hand and worsen with time, its easy for people to give up or rationalize away the causes of the problem. It is common, and all too human, to experience frustration, anger, and helplessness, feeling that training your dog has become a lost cause.

Before you put yourself and your dog through that, research and speak to a professional dog trainer who can help you re-gain a balanced and positive human-canine relationship with your best friend.

Some of the dog problems we specialize in:

Non-Compliance / Lack of Attention

When your dog “doesn’t listen” it can show up as: off leash recall problems, not responding by name when “busy” with something else, giving you little to no eye contact, or becoming completely unresponsive when over-excited. Dogs exhibit this kind of behavior when they learn to make decisions without input from you. We will teach you what to look for in order to prevent this from happening in the first place. You’ll receive custom exercises that will ensure your dog comes running when called, and pays attention when asked to do something.

Housebreaking / Potty Training

Weather its puppy mishaps or a marking behavior, a dog who consistently sullies the house can lead to a lot of frustration. We provide simple methods and solutions (with or without crating) to this very common problem.


Aggression is the most severe of problems because people and dogs alike are at risk of getting harmed. Whether it’s aggression towards other dogs or humans, this kind of behavior should never be tolerated and has to be addressed at the earliest stages possible. The longer the behavior is tolerated or rationalised away, the more severe it becomes. Aggression also becomes increasingly more difficult to rehabilitate as time goes on. A seasoned trainer will work with severe cases that other trainers may shy away from. We set a very intensive curriculum that will address the root of problem.

Fear and Fear-based Issues

Some dogs are naturally extremely sensitive to stimuli and their condition does not necessarily mean they have been abused in the past. When your companion is on the shy side, this will require a much softer training method, and much more patience than a confident, happy-go-lucky dog. Fear in dogs should also never be overlooked or cuddled away. It can quickly develop into fear-aggression, running off, or biting, if the confidence level is not methodically developed. We will teach you how to properly address your dog’s fearful disposition, in order to build confidence and stabilize the dogs mind. Because a stable mind equals a balanced life, for you and your dog.

Obsessions & Compulsions

When dogs aren’t given enough exercise, or chances to socialize, they often develop fixations or compulsions. Sometimes these could be merely annoying, but are often dangerous, for example, possessiveness of objects in the dog park which result in a fight. We can modify these problem behaviors by teaching you how to redirect and prevent obsessions from setting in. We can also call upon the power of the pack at DoggyDay Centre Canin to bring your pup back to a natural, social and healthy state of being.

Obsessive Barking

Nothing can be more disruptive to your family’s and neighbor’s peace then an obsessive barker. Most of the time that behavior will extend to the car or seeing other dogs on the street. The important thing to note is that your dog is acting out of instinct. We will teach you and your dog how to handle these embarrassing situations and re-familiarize yourself with well deserved quiet time.


The most common problem among adult dogs, it can manifest itself as barking, marking, property destruction, nipping and eventually aggression if left unmanaged. This kind of problem requires a restructuring of the home dynamic by first identifying and eliminating the underlying causes of the imbalance, then crafting the new mutually respectful rules of conduct among the family members, including of course the dog.

Separation Anxiety

When a dog becomes too reliant on it’s owner and has no coping mechanism allowing it to be left alone in his safe environment, it will usually protest. This can manifest itself in many ways, eventually escalating out of control. The symptoms of separation anxiety can be moderate to severe, leading many people to sadly abandon the dog. It is one of DoggyDay’s core missions to lower the abandonment and re-homing problem that is so rampant in our city; by helping dog owners prevent and manage separation anxiety in their dogs.

Property Destruction, Chewing & Digging

Destructive behavior can stem from many things, such as boredom, dominance, anxiety or non-compliance. People usually don’t address destructive dog behaviour until something of great value has bit the dust. As as with everything else, we like to “nip it in the bud” before things get out of hand. We can train your dog to know the difference between what is his/hers, and what is yours. Likewise, we will train you how to set your dog up for success, to avoid trouble in the first place. “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”


A word from our trainer

In 2003, while volunteering for a no-kill animal shelter in Atlanta Georgia, I heard the term “positive reinforcement” for the first time. It was often followed by things like “bribery” and “won’t work with hard cases”.

Not long after I watched a documentary on Elephants. For as long as anyone can remember, elephants have been trained with something called a bull hook. If you don’t know what a bull hook is, it is something rather unpleasant, but had proven effective against the gentle giants. The documentary showed that using raw sugar cane was significantly more effective in coercing these beasts to do weird things like stand on their heads. When Mother Nature created elephants, I’m pretty sure she never intended for them to stand on their heads, but nonetheless they complied. And teaching them to do it through positive reinforcement resulted in a more rapid acceptance, and a stronger bond between the animal and the trainer. The same goes for dogs.

While growing up in the Southern United States, I saw a lot of dominance based training. In fact someone once told me, “if you want a dog to respect you, you must be hard on it”. So I was taught to use choke chains and prong collars, the “old school method,” but in the back of my mind, I knew there had to be a better way! And after watching that documentary, I pursued learning that better way…

I have been working with dogs for twenty years and I am member of the Canadian Association of Professional Dog Trainers. I firmly believe in positive reinforcement, and have successfully removed choke chains and other dominance based tools from the hands of my clients; showing them that once you and your dog learn to trust and respect one another, anything is possible.

I look forward to working with you and your pup!

Chad Taylor

DoggyDay Centre Canin | Premier Pet Services Montreal


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