At Doggyday we are trilingual.

We speak French, English and Dog.


In business since 2015, our goal has always been to create a welcoming home away from home for your dog. A safe place where your pet can feel secure, learn valuable skills and can have fun too. Several studies show that dogs that stay at home for a long time lack exercise, which can lead to obesity and anxiety. Dogs are inherently social animals. As such, they deserve friends and vacation.

“All our services are designed to give you and your pet the best experience possible. Everything we do is done to ensure that dogs who benefit from our services are safe and have fun! The exercise and socialization they receive while in our care is amazing. Try it, your dog will love you even more for it.”

Jennifer – Owner

DoggyDay Centre Canin | Premier Pet Services Montreal



Rigorous & thorough with everything

From the first evaluation to the supervision in our playrooms by our specifically-trained staff, from the cleanliness to our strict process, everything is organized so your dogs can have fun safely, for your peace of mind.

Almost like yours

DoggyDay is a big family. We treat every dog as a member of our family, with almost as much affection as if he were with you... for his enjoyment!

Free to have fun whenever he'd like

Your dog gets moving and has fun freely, at his own pace. He can take a break and rest whenever he'd like and resume playing afterward with his new friends. Your dog rediscovers his sociable personality and the pleasure of playing with other dogs. He makes friends that he's looking forward to seeing again and to playing with at each visit.

So your dog can enjoy himself

Everything is based around the idea of fun for your dog: decoration, supervised free space, playing accessories, interactive games, resting areas, comfortable enclosures. When you're away on vacation, so is he.
DoggyDay Centre Canin | Premier Pet Services Montreal

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We offer pet parents a full range of dog care services to facilitate their daily lives.
DoggyDay Centre Canin | Premier Pet Services Montreal

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