Académie pour chiens à Montréal

Puppy Training in Montreal

Want your puppy to grow into a healthy balanced dog?

If you’ve raised a dog from puppyhood before, then you know that puppies require special care during their first year… and so do you! DoggyDay has your puppy training covered.

Puppies are adorable and cuddly and just a dream to behold… and then they poop on your bed (extra bonus for liquid deliveries), soak pee right through your new hardwood floors, chew on EVERYTHING all the time (think of your cables, shoes, clothes, table legs, books, vinyls, mattress… how many of them are left?), then pass out and go at it all over again.


We help you raise your puppy. We don’t replace you.

We cannot do the job of raising your puppy for you, but we can show you how it can be managed, and that it can also be a hilarious, exciting and extremely educational process for you as well. Rest assured that during your life together, your dog will teach YOU more than you will ever teach him!

It’s smart to ask for help

Having a reliable and experienced guide through that first year will be a blessing for all the years of his life. That’s a guarantee! All of us at DoggyDay have lived through the stressful, guilt-ridden experience of having to prioritize work and other commitments over our dogs, and we know it’s heart breaking. Which is why we know exactly how to provide the perfect dose of personalized dog training and / or pet sitting to get you through this tough period and get you all smiling.

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Group Classes & Private Training

For 3 to 6 months old puppies

Group Puppy Classes

Future Classes

Sunday, October 13th @ 11am



These classes teach you and your puppy the basics of dog psychology, manners, house rules, outside rules, leash and collar introduction, basic obedience and our good canine citizen philosophy.

  • How to harness the power of positive reinforcement training techniques
  • Basic dog psychology
  • How to engage your dog in structured play
  • Sit and down on command
  • The basics of loose leash walking and the importance of eye contact
  • How to redirect those pesky puppy tendencies



  • 3 to 6 months
  • Proof of up to date vaccines
  • Proper fitting collar or harness
  • 6 foot leash ideal but not required
  • Tasty treats… lots of them! Make sure it’s something your dog is highly motivated for.
  • An open mind, ready for learning, and a dog by your side!


Duration: 5 weeks

Price: $210 + tx

Call or email to reserve your spot!

Private Puppy Training

What your puppy training coach can do:

  • Help you select a breed
  • Build realistic expectations of your commitment
  • Help you to prepare mentally and materially for puppy’s arrival
  • Build an everyday life plan that works for YOU
  • Help with Puppy Proofing
  • Teach you Dog Psychology
  • Teach you to recognize and understand Canine Body Language
  • Tell you when you’re being impatient
  • Tell you when you’re trying too hard
  • Provide Human / Dog Relationship Counselling
  • Address specific issues and questions as they arise
  • Consult on spaying / neutering
  • Recommend a vet
  • Just be there for … whatever (crying is allowed)


Private Puppy Training Rates

Single session (1h) $100.00 each
Package of 3 $290.00
Package of 5 $440.00

* Second dog of the same family 10% off

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