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Dog Walking

Dog walking packages are used for regularly scheduled walks on a set schedule and frequency. On the first walk of your package, the dog walker will bring a tracking sheet to your house and note each walk with times and comments.

Canceling a walk

Please email us at or call us at 514-564-3647 at least 48 hours before the walk you are changing.

Same day cancellations cannot be processed and the scheduled walk will be counted as “completed” and billed in full.


Adding a walk

If you need to add a walk, outside of your regularly scheduled package, please contact us a minimum of 48 hours in advance.  Additional a la carte walks, are private walks and are billed separately.

Last minute (under the required 48 hours notice) service requests incur a $20 administrative rush fee.

We cannot guarantee that a dog walker or pet sitter will be available for same day service requests, but every effort will be made to accommodate your pet’s needs.

Regular Group and Private Walks

We offer the following group walking time frames. A specific time cannot be guaranteed for group walks.

  • Morning – 9am to 11am
  • Midday – 11:30am to 2pm
  • Afternoon – 3pm to 5pm
  • Evening – 5pm to 7pm




Extended Hours

We may be able to schedule private walks as early as 8am and as late as 9pm depending on your location. Please contact us to check on walkers availability.

We pick up your dog from your home and go on a little adventure around your neighborhood.

We create calmness and relaxation by providing exercise for all fitness levels and by channeling our own energy into a peaceful and enjoyable walking experience for our dogs.

Based on the dog’s personality and activity level, we do anything from a leisurely stroll, to playing games of fetch and tug, or we go on a fast paced walk, all while socializing them with their own kind.

We walk your dogs in your neighborhood. We take recommendations from the owners as to favorite routes and neat passageways that the dog likes.

If a client requests that their dog be walked somewhere specific that is far away, a special arrangement will have to be made as most of our walkers do not have a car. We like to stay green as much as possible. This is about walking, after all ?

We walk all breeds, sizes, ages and activity levels. We do not discriminate. The only prerequisite is that the dogs are socialized, not aggressive towards any dogs or humans, and walk well on leash.

Groups are formed slowly and selected very carefully to match not only in personality and energy level, but also physical strength and the comfort level of the walker.

If a walker feels that a dog is not suited for, or not enjoying the group walks, they will communicate that to the owners and private walks can be arranged.

With our emphasis on behavior and training, our groups cannot be big. We usually walk 2 to 4 dogs, and that is only if the 4th dog comes from the same household as others in the group, and that particular group has a good chemistry for walking and playing together.

We feel that walking more than 3 or 4 dogs on regular basis is unsafe and does not allow for the necessary level of attention to detail and training for each dog. In an urban setting, pedestrians, multiple leashes, squirrels, bicycles, skaters, traffic, alley cats, and the like do not mix well.

You have to be alert and focused at all times, think of all the “what ifs,” and be able to respond to them in fractions of a second (that’s how fast the dogs will respond). That is why our team feels that walking large groups of dogs in the city is stressful for everyone involved and inconsiderate to other pedestrians.

We do not use retractable leashes as they do not promote good walking habits. We use regular 4’ to 6’ leashes, one leash per dog, no couplers, knots or bag holders.

We may use the dog’s own leash if it’s not too long or too cumbersome, but we may replace it with one of our own for comfort and ease during the walk. Every dog walker has their own preference of thickness and materials that they carry with them.

We do not use prong or electric collars and will advise dog’s owner if we feel that the dog’s collar is unsafe for any reason, be it sizing, strength of material, or otherwise. We will use training collars chosen by the owner while the puppy is still learning to walk on leash, but will faze them out as they become unnecessary.

Payment Questions

The short answer is “No,” unless of course it’s a tip for the walker or pet sitter, in which case, yes and thank you.

All payments to DoggyDay are centralized via electronic bank transfer (Interac e-Transfer), PayPal, or at the front desk at DoggyDay Centre Canin, so that billing and accounting can be processed promptly and accurately.

Our pet sitters are not responsible for payments, so please don’t leave cash on your table because they will not pick it up, or will assume it’s a tip.

  1. Go to your online banking portal and login
  2. Find the section called “Pay Bills and Transfer Funds” or “Payments and Transfers”
  3. Select the Interac transfer option and follow your bank’s prompts
  4. Enter recipient name: DoggyDay
  5. Enter recipient email:
  6. Select “Save this recipient” for future transactions
  7. Select “Notify by email” from the notification options
  8. Transaction question: It is not important what the question is. Put something to the effect of “What is your password?”
  9. Transaction password: “doggyday”
  10. Send
  11. You will receive an email confirmation from us when the funds have been collected

Ideally, you should give tips directly to your service provider. But if you prefer to include them in your invoice payment, please let us know that the amount sent includes a tip and we will make sure they receive it in full with their next paycheck.

No. To confirm any service reservation we require a minimum of 50% down payment. The remaining 50% are due anytime before your service start date.

Daycare Questions

Dog Daycare is the exact equivalent of daycare and school for kids. You drop them off in the morning before work and pick them up before 7pm to go home and snuggle.

No. Boarding means leaving your dog in our care overnight. As mentioned before, daycare is from 7am to 7pm, Monday through Friday, school for your dog.

The minimum requirements are that your dog passes the Evaluation Exam prior to being allowed in daycare. They should also be spayed or nurtured by year 1, be under regular veterinary care, and

Boarding Questions

Our Boarding Homes offer an all inclusive, cage free, home environment where your dog(s) can roam, relax, and play as they do in your own home. No crates, dingy kennels, or even “luxury” suites here!

Dog Boarding at DoggyDay is like being at home with them yourself

We take them out on a minimum of 2 walks per day, and when possible on our dog walking appointments and all other errands.

They get to play with lots of other doggies each and every day and get lots of exercise.

At home, they curl up at our feet or on our lap, chew their favorite treats and bones, cuddle with us everywhere, and sleep in our bed at night (unless mommy and daddy forbid it).

We board a maximum of 2 guest dogs depending on the host and the pets in question.

Yes, we offer Pet Taxi. Please contact us us for an estimate.

Because our boarding “facilities” are someone’s private home, we schedule drop-offs and pick-ups between 9am and 7pm.

If you are leaving or returning outside of those hours, please board your pet the night before and pick them up the morning after your arrival.

Your pick-up and drop-off appointments are part of our boarding hosts work schedule. This means they are waiting for you at those specific times and have other appointments throughout the day. If you’re running early or late for your pick-up or drop-off appointment, you need to communicate that with your host as soon as possible.


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